The Journey Begins

LIFE! it is four letter word but has a deep meaning to it. this is what we are living actually. some may curse it, some may adore it, we all get to see various blogs, videos, websites where they tell us how to live and lead our life happily and make it easier then its supposed to be, but do we really need all this advices? do we really need to know from others that what should we do in difficult situations? even if we do, then do we actually follow those tips for a very long time?

what I believe is rather then listening to others or searching for blogs or motivational videos ask yourself few questions.

=> who are you? what are you? where are you? why are you? What is the purpose of your life?

have you ever had this conversation  with your inner self? and if you do then did you get any answers? have your ever discussed it with someone? do tell me through your comments. trust me I am not going to judge anyone of you.  so you can share your thoughts without any fear.

there are lot of times when we want to share our thoughts with others but are not able to because of many reasons. here we don’t know each other so  lets discuss our life issues with each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

we may find some funny, realistic, idiotic or smartest ideas.

what we want is in our hands!!

so lets begin a new journey of learning through experiences and I hope you all will surely become a part of it.\

so if you want to discuss about any particular topic do let me know in comments I will surely discuss about in next article till then bubiee lovelies!!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton